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Inspection Conveyor Belt System   


Inspection Conveyor Belt System

The Automatic Inspection Belt System for Visual Inspection of various type of Vials, Bottles or IV Fluid Bottles for any Powder Filling, Liquid Filling or Tablet Bottle Packing Line. Inspection belt suitable for online operation with Single Side seating or Double Side Seating for Higher output depending on customers requirement. Inspection belt available in any length with S.S. Slat Conveyor Belt in Center having Two Separate S.S. Slat Belt in front and back of centre conveyor for use of both side of Inspection Conveyor.

The system also having Black and White Board with proper illumation for visual inspection of any product. Inspection Conveyor can be connected directly to outfeed of capping machine for collection of products for inspection.

Inspection Conveyor can be supplied as per customers customised requirement for use on any packing line.

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